Servicing & Maintenance

It is critical to keep gas products serviced and running at their best, not only for performance reasons but for safety reasons also. Regular servicing will allow you to have peace of mind that your gas products are up to date and meet compliance standards.

Servicing on gas appliances should be carried out by a licenced and insured gas fitter and should be done every 12 months or as per manufacturers guidelines.

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Penrith Gas Shop not only supplies high quality gas products, we also offer installation services for most of our available products. Below is a list of items that our team can install for you.

If you are unsure whether our team can install a product you are interested in, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email.

Quality Products

High quality gas products are a must here at Penrith Gas Shop. Quality is at the forefront of our business and it is something that we are extremely proud of. 

By offering and installing quality products, we know that our clients and our team can rest assured that the gas system installed is trialled, proven and tested over many years. 

Advice & Support

The team here at Penrith Gas Shop have a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding the right application for the right project or task. 

If you are struggling to decide which product is right for you or if you have specific guidelines or requirements that you need to abide by, please do not hesitate to join us in store so one of our team members can give you in depth advice and assistance.

Better Fireplaces BBQs & Hot Water

Caravans & Motorhomes

Do you own a caravan or motorhome? Maybe you are thinking of buying or building one?

Penrith Gas Shop is accredited and licenced to install gas systems on both caravans and motorhomes. Why miss out on having the ultimate home away from home when you get easily get all the essentials installed either at your home or in our workshop.


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